Blogging Strategy That Is 700% More Effective!


If you are in business and you don’t have an automated marketing system that works for you 24/7, then not only are you failing to maximize your effort, but you are also leaving a lot of money on the table.

In fact the odds are high against you, and with today’s fast changing world, you may actually be out of business in a couple of years.

Also, if you own a blog but you are not applying this effective blogging strategy that I am about to introduce you to then it might take you many years before you may start making any money with your blog.

In an interview, the Billionaire (in Naira) popular blogger, Linda Ikeji revealed that it took her four long years of blogging 20 hours a day before she started making money with her blog.

Great job! Meanwhile, she uses the regular blogging model.

Another issue of great concern is that you are not maximizing your money spent on advertisement.

I know you are wondering at this point, “What do you mean?” and you may be even annoyed with me.

But please hold on and continue reading and you will find out shortly… The reason might completely surprise you.

You see, most of your customers are going to come from people who didn’t know about you before.

They are referred to as the cold market.

These people don’t know you, they don’t have any reason to like you (yet), and obviously do not trust you.

But before they buy from you, they must at least have to trust you that what you are offering is capable of filling their need, even if they still don’t know you or trust you yet.

So how do you build that relationship with them so that they can now know you, like you and trust you in order for them to not only buy from you once, but become repeat customers and even tell their friends about you?

Keep in mind it is not possible for you to be around, in person, all the time interacting with and educating your prospective customers.

For instance, if you are a Real Estate Agent you can’t be in your office 24/7 interacting with your prospects, but through an automated marketing system you can achieve that.

There are several ways of doing that. These include YouTube videos, Instagram channel, Facebook page or group, being a host or guest on a TV or Radio program, podcast, and of course using a blog.

A blog is the most efficient automated marketing system that works for you 24/7!

When most of these are done properly, you only need to spend advert money once to attract a given customer and sell to him or her many times afterwards for many years.

However, of them all, a blog, if done well becomes a hub that connects all the other pieces or channels together and make them even more effective.

Meanwhile, it is not a must to have any of the other channels before your blog can do very well. Having them is just an added advantage.

Now the problem is most people don’t know about this blogging strategy that is 700% more effective and profitable.

They only know about the regular or traditional way of blogging that only a few succeed at it, and that if they are willing to put in long hours for at least 2 years before they start earning from their blog.

It makes a lot of sense to learn a blogging strategy that is 700% more effective than the regular. My coach has made a great fortune in the past few years with this strategy.

Top internet marketers in Nigeria and around the world have been using it to make a killing marketing their brands, products and services.

Some of these world-class internet marketers using this strategy include Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, John Chow, T. Harv Eker and Dan Lok, to mention just a few.

Don’t bother if you are not familiar with some or any of them. (Smiles)

The point is this blogging strategy works like kilode.

And what is most interesting is that most of these guys are not techy at all. These are everyday people.

Despite the fact that most of them knew very little about blogging and internet marketing before implementing this strategy, they have been able to launch their blogs and move them into profit within months.

In Nigeria, this strategy has been championed by a top internet marketer, a man well respected in the internet marketing space…

A former secondary school teacher who has not only been using this strategy to make multiple 7-Figures monthly…

…but has also raised several students who are equally making a lot of money blogging.

My friend, this skill is learnable and you can do it. I’m talking from experience as I have taken the course.

Do you know what?

This blogging strategy makes selling much easier as you can use it to position yourself as an authority in any field.

Instead of chasing your prospects, you now become the chased.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling physical or digital products. It’s great for e-commerce.

On the other hand you may be a professional like a doctor, realtor, network marketing professional, a teacher or lawyer, this blogging strategy promises to skyrocket your business.

Whatever line of business you are in you can leverage this strategy to create tremendous success.


To enroll for the “Blog Cash University” fill the form below and click on “Get Access Now”. This awesome coach breaks things down and makes it very easy to learn and implement.

I want to make you a promise…

You will come back and thank me if you take advantage of this limited-timecoaching opportunity and also implement what you’re been taught. Good luck!


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